Oxford's Hometown Gardening Center

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Oxford's Hometown Gardening Center

The Barn Trading Company - Garden Center | Oxford, MS

Garden • Gifts • Feed

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The Barn Trading Company


Oxford, MS is in Climate Zone 7.

The Barn sells plants that should thrive in this zone.  Extremes in any season may affect plant hardiness.

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You can find quality feed from Purina and Ware Milling when you shop with The Barn Trading Company.  The animal care section offers a number of essential items to keep your pets comfortable and healthy.  Get ready for hunting season with our full line of attractants and food plot mixes!

  • Wheat Straw & Pine Shavings

  • Flea & Tick medicine

  • Repellents

  • Shampoos & dips                            

  • Grooming aids

  • Wormers

  • Milk Replacer

  • Feeders & Waterers

  • Heat Lamps



  • Feeders

  • Dove Wheat

  • Japanese, Golden & Brown Top Millet

  • Turnip, Rape, Clover, Winter Peas, Radish

  • Whole Corn (Clean), Flavored Rice Bran

  • Rackmaster, Buckmaster, Tecomate & Evolved Harvest Mixes

  • Antlermax & Buckmaster Pellets, Buck Oats

  • Big & J Long Range, Buck Jams & Lickers, Molasses, Sugar Beet Crush, Deer CoCain, Acorn Rage, Rut n' Apples Attractants

  • Salt & Trace Mineral Blocks, Trophy Rocks

  • Persimmon, Pear, Oak Trees, Fertilizers & more!


Health and grooming products!

We carry a full line of attractants and food plot mixes!


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We offer a full line of quality feed!

  • Horse

  • Cattle

  • Chicken, Organic Feed

  • Dog & Cat

  • Goat, Goat Crunch

  • Rabbit

  • Pig, Mini Pig

  • Wild Game

  • Game Fish & Catfish

  • Dog & Horse Treats

  • Bermuda Hay

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