Oxford's Hometown Gardening Center

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Oxford's Hometown Gardening Center

The Barn Trading Company - Garden Center | Oxford, MS

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The Barn Trading Company


Oxford, MS is in Climate Zone 7.

The Barn sells plants that should thrive in this zone.  Extremes in any season may affect plant hardiness.

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Our goal is to ensure that every visit to The Barn is a unique, educational experience.  Whether you have had a green thumb for years or you are just starting out, we love to work with you to make your home landscape satisfying and successful.  Come see our selection of trees, shrubs, seasonal annuals and perennials.

Whether you have a new house with a bare landscape or you just want to freshen up a bit, we have a large variety of shrubs for you to choose from!  Sun, shade, evergreen, flowering, or seasonal interest, old reliables or new and interesting, come see our full selection.

Before choosing a tree there are a few things to do.  Look up! Is it sunny or shady? Are there power lines or other structures that will be affected when your tree grows?  Look down!  Is your foundation, driveway, or patio going to be affected by their roots?  How about gas, cable, electric lines?  Be sure to call 811 before you dig!  Look around!  Is there enough room for your tree to spread to its full potential?  Come in and let us help you choose the perfect tree to satisfy your needs!

 Perennials are plants that come back  every year.  They usually bloom for about 4-6 weeks throughout the seasons.  Plant a variety so you always have something to look forward to!  Annuals live for a season, usually have brighter colors and bloom non-stop!  Put pockets of annuals in with your perennials for the perfect combination.  Add some bulbs and the look is complete!

Variety of Shrubs!

Seasonal Annuals & Perennials!

Largest selection of trees in Lafayette County!


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